Terms and Conditions.

  • Accreditation of private accommodation will be done on a limited basis which will ensure an ongoing benefit to accredited units with regard to the occupation of beds
  • Compliance with the minimum norms laid down in the ministerial report on design; room content; toilet facilities; food preparation and Internet access
  • Landlords in close proximity of any Stellenbosch University Campus with single dwellings that can house more than 10 students per dwelling can apply to join the accreditation scheme for student housing if their properties meet all the required criteria
  • A minimum of 10 beds, belonging to one owner, must be offered within one facility to be accredited
  • Preference will be given to accommodation that is less than 2 km from campus
  • Should the distance exceed 2 km, the service provider should be in a position to provide affordable and secure transport running at regular intervals from early morning to late night to and from campus
  • Facilities will be graded into 2 categories based on proximity to campus:
    • Less than 2 km will be A Grade
    • More than 2 km will be B Grade
  • In addition to a once off non-refundable application fee of R 1 500, SU will charge a 5% administration fee per bed for accreditation
  • SU will not be involved in the securing of tenants and accommodation must be exclusively for Stellenbosch University students
  • SU will not be held responsible for empty rooms or non-payment by students
  • SU will not be involved in the collection of rentals, held responsible for any outstanding balances, damage to personal property and personal harm to students as a result of accreditation of the facility
  • Students who enter into a contract with off campus accommodation establishments do so in their private capacity
  • Accreditation is valid for the duration of 12 months (one year)
  • Suppliers of accredited accommodation facilities must resubmit their application each year in order to remain accredited
  • Accreditation can be withdrawn if the standard drops below the prescribed minimum standards
  • It remains the owner’s responsibility to ensure that the facility complies at all times with the original agreed standards
  • Accommodation must be exclusively for Stellenbosch University students
  • The facility must comply with all municipal and statutory requirements for accommodation, particularly with regard to Fire, Electricity, Gas and Occupational Safety. (Service Providers must familiarize themselves with these requirements)
  • All accredited accommodation facilities will receive priority marketing within the structures of the University via the Stellenbosch University Letting Office and will be identified as preferred suppliers once all the on-campus beds are filled
  • All accredited accommodation facilities will be hosted on stayatstellenboschuniversity.co.za
  • Only applications that have been completed in full and that are accompanied by the relevant documentation, (refer to checklist) will be considered
  • Service providers will be notified in writing once a facility has been accredited
  • In the event that the applicant does not adhere to the criteria during the first inspection, an additional non-refundable administration fee of R750.00 (seven hundred and fifty rand) will be charged by SU for each consecutive viewing
  • The SU Student Regulations may apply to students who live in accredited off-campus accommodation, depending on the model. Students who transgress these Regulations will be subject to disciplinary action as prescribed in the Regulations for Student Discipline
  • Suppliers of accredited accommodation facilities must resubmit their application each year in order to remain accredited

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Accreditation is the regulation of on-campus and off-campus accommodation at South African Universities which shall include the minimum norms and standards for the housing of University students.

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