Long Stay Residence.


enior residences and University houses only evacuate during the Dec/Jan long vacation period, directly after completion of the first exam opportunity, where students have to move to an “open” residence.

The Letting Office does not accept liability for damage to or loss of possessions in storage.

Only Stellenbosch University resident students staying for

  • Academic reasons
  • Summer and Winter schools
  • R158 per student per night – this fee will be reviewed annually
  • Fees are debited via the student account

Submit application form accompanied by supporting letter from department to letting@sun.ac.za

  • Report directly to the door monitor at the various residences
  • Ensure check-in register is signed upon arrival and departure
  • If the second semester starts on a Monday, the Residences will be reopened at 12:00 on the Friday prior to the weekend
  • If the second semester starts during the week, the Residences will reopen at 12:00 on the Monday prior to the start of the semester.

Apply for Accreditation.

Accreditation is the regulation of private off-campus student accommodation at South African Universities which shall include the minimum norms and standards for the housing of University students.

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