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Stellenbosch Accommodation.

Commercial Services had found its origin in the desire of the University of Stellenbosch to reduce operational costs. Financially sustainable Service Divisions were subsequantly commercialised under the management of Commercial Services. We are one of a few business division at the University of Stellenbosch. All divisions of Commercial Services are totally independent and receive no financial support from the University.

Managing and letting of retail space, accommodation, recreational and service offerings with excellence and thereby generate improved and sustainable revenue for Commercial Services and Stellenbosch University  by applying a commercial approach that includes innovation, perpetual relevance and a modern 21st century methodology to enhance the experience of stakeholders while fostering a synergistic culture of excellence, relationships and innovation all within the Corporate Strategy and institutional intent of Stellenbosch University.

Accredited Accommodation.

Accreditation is the regulation of off-campus private student accommodation according to the minimum norms and standards as set out in the government gazette, ministerial papers and guidelines. It is the inspection and approval by Stellenbosch University of the accommodation offered, thereby certifying that the accommodation complies with the minimum criteria for student accommodation as set by the University.

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Guest Apartments.

Short term letting of visitor flats to visiting academics, delegates attending seminars, conferences, workshops and/or short courses as well as graduates and parents during graduation ceremonies.

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Long Stay Residence.

The University provide accommodation to students who have to be on campus for academic reasons during the long vacation period (June/July & December/January). Students must submit an application and only successful students will be accommodated at the normal daily tariff.

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Visitor Group Accommodation.

Groups are accommodated in student residences out of academic seasons during the June to July & December to January vacation periods .

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Apply for Accreditation.

Accreditation is the regulation of private off-campus student accommodation at South African Universities which shall include the minimum norms and standards for the housing of University students.

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